Autism & Aspergers Syndrome (AS) in Adults is also known as High Functioning Autism.

Characteristics/Symptoms of AS

1. Social interactions

    • Few sustained relationships
    • Awkward interactions
    • Egocentric & Insensitive
    • Unaware of social norms and making social blunders
    • Lacking empathy


    • Unusual voice (monotone, too loud / too quiet)
    • Talking at you rather then to you
    • Impassive
    • Pedantic language
    • Taking things too literally
    • Not understanding implied meanings
    • Lack of non-verbal expression and gesture

3. Restricted and Repetitive interests

    • Obsessive pursuit of interest
    • Set routine / rituals
    • Rigidity in thought & behaviour

Management / Treatment 

    • Support
    • Confidence building
    • Theory of mind (TOM)
      • People with AS lack empathy and the ability to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes
    • Treatment of comorbidities
      • Patients with AS may suffer from anxiety and depression, bi-polar disorder, OCD, etc. and these will need treatment which will have a positive impact on the illness.

The assessment and diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome or Adult Autism requires a comprehensive assessment involving seeing the patient and also taking history from an informant who knows the person well, usually a family member. This involves using a validated diagnostic interview with both the patient and the informant.